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3 Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Your Parking Lot

The parking lot. It is the first impression any new customer or visitor has when they visit your business. Whether it is a restaurant, a clothing store, doctor’s office, place of worship, or office building, the parking lot is what welcomes visitors to the property. That is why it is so important to continue improving and upgrading the lot to keep it fresh and welcoming to your visitors. 

However, fully upgrading a parking lot can be expensive. Repaving a lot on its own can cost between $10,000 and $150,000 depending on the size of the lot, which many businesses cannot afford to take on. That is why we’re here to help with cost-effective ways to upgrade and improve your parking lot so you don’t miss that chance to make the proper first impression. 

1. Keep the Lot Clean 

This will take some more manpower from you or your company but a clean lot is a quality lot. When there is garbage and debris blowing around, grass and weeds coming out of cracks, snow covering the lot, and broken concrete or gravel throughout, it just isn’t a good look. Spending time each day or week to go out and sweep up the lot, plow the snow, pick up debris, and pull weeds will immediately improve the look of the lot. 

Pavement sweeping (via Envato)

Like with any property, a clean and manicured piece of land just looks better and more welcoming. 

If you want to take the lot cleanup to another level, look into having the parking and traffic lines repainted. A fresh coat of paint will not cost nearly as much as repaving the lot and will give the lot a pop of color and clear delineation between spots and designated driving lanes. This can cost between $300-$3,000+ depending on the amount of striping needed

2. Improve the Safety

Repainting the lines will be an immediate upgrade in safety throughout a parking lot but that is far from the only way to improve safety. 

The safety aspect may be the most important part of parking lots for employees and/or new visitors, especially where there is high levels of traffic or for those that are leaving their vehicles for extended periods of time.

Ideal Shield's Speed Bumps in parking lot

Ideal Shield’s Speed Bumps in a parking lot. 

Some quick and cost-effective ways to improve the safety for high traffic lots includes adding Speed Bumps throughout to slow down drivers navigating the lots, Parking Blocks in each parking spot to ensure vehicles do not overextend into other spots, Curb Guards to protect and maintain curb integrity near parking spots, and adding Delineator Posts at entrance areas, designated lanes, and kiosk stations to keep the vehicles in lanes and away from valuable equipment or other vehicles. 

Another way to improve safety throughout the parking lot is to add more lighting. While putting up full sized light posts can be very expensive, adding Lighted Bollard Covers to your existing bollards is a quick and affordable way to add illumination to walkways. 

Ideal Shield's Bollards & Bollard Covers at Physical Therapy storefront

Ideal Shield’s Bollards & Bollard Covers at Physical Therapy storefront.

Improved safety doesn’t stop in just the lot itself though. If your parking lot is up to your storefront then much more protection is necessary as storefront accidents are extremely common. From peddle mistakes to smash and grab attempts, having high quality storefront bollards is key. Crash Rated Bollards are the most surefire way to protect against storefront crashes with the C40 Bollard being the industry’s most cost-effective storefront bollard solution. 

Other parking lot Bollard solutions include standard schedule 40 and schedule 80 Stick or Plated Bollards, Removable Locking Bollards, Collapsible Bollards, or Flexible Bollards

3. Upgrade the Signage

Have you ever felt lost in a parking lot? Whether that is at a mall where there are so many different stores and types of designated parking spots or at a fast food location with multiple drive-thru lanes and different types of curbside pickup parking spots, simply knowing where to go is very important to the customer experience. 

There are a couple of different types of signage solutions that are both cost-effective to your budget and eye-catching to your visitors and customers. 

The first is one of the most common signage you will see in any parking lot and that is the Standard Signpost. This is an easy to install, low-cost sign that can be installed in just about any location and made with your plastic sleeving color choice to match handicap accessible parking needs or branding aesthetics. 

Ideal Shield's Bollard Sign Systems for handicap accessible parking at Panda Express

Ideal Shield’s Bollard Sign Systems for handicap accessible parking at Panda Express.

Now, if you’re looking for something a little more robust and permanent, the Bollard Sign System is the way to go. Made from 4″ or 6″ U.S. Steel pipe, the Bollard Signs are available in any color to meet parking designation or branding needs. This permanent bollard solution is not only a standout sign but is also a quality piece of protection for both parking spots and storefronts. 

If you’re looking to avoid having to do in-ground installation, the Pyramid Sign Base System is the top selling temporary sign solution in the country as the likes of McDonalds, Target, Walmart, and many others use the systems for designated parking spots, curbside pickup solutions, parking lot navigation and more. You can also meet branding or designated parking needs by choosing any color imaginable. 

Ideal Shield's Black Pyramid Sign Base with Stop sign used for crosswalk traffic control.

Ideal Shield’s Black Pyramid Sign Base with Stop sign used for crosswalk traffic control.

Parking lots are the entrances to your facility. Make sure your visitors, customers, and employees have the proper experience without breaking your budget. Contact Ideal Shield today to learn more about all of the parking lot solutions that make up our extensive product catalog