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Best Ways to Protect Electric Vehicle Charging Islands

The electric vehicle world is on its way and businesses all over the country are leaning into the movement with new and improved EV charging locations. That includes the likes of Subway, 711, Starbucks, Walmart, Kroger, and much more. Those EV charging locations are going to vary in size and style but one of the most common styles you will begin to see more and more will be known as EV Islands. But the only way it’ll be a paradise is if it’s properly protected. 

That is where Ideal Shield comes into play. 

Ready with the swim trunks, a beach ball, and the industry’s best safety bollard solutions, Ideal Shield is your one-stop shop for protecting electric vehicle charging islands. 

Standard Bollard Protection 

Ideal Shield has a large supply and selection of standard Safety Bollards, including just about any size imaginable to meet protection needs. Available in schedule 40 or schedule 80, the Ideal Shield Bollards will keep your EV Islands protected from common vehicle mistakes and accidents. Don’t forget to pair the bollards with specific color Bollard Covers to meet branding needs. 

Ideal Shield Bollards and Bollard Covers protecting Meijer EV Charging Stations

Ideal Shield Bollards and Bollard Covers protecting ChargePoint EV Charging Stations

Ideal Shield Bollards and Bollard Covers protecting Revel EV Charging Stations

Rated Bollard Protection 

If you’re looking to stop vehicles from really causing damage, the Rated Bollards are the way to go. Ideal Shield offers the C40 Bollard which can stop a 5,000 lbs. vehicle at 30 mph, while the K4/M30 Bollard can stop a 15,000 lbs. vehicle at 30 mph, and the K12/M50 Bollard can stop a 15,000 lbs. vehicle at 50 mph. 

Ideal Shield’s Crash Tested C40 Bollard

Sign Bollard Protection

Signage is extremely important on EV Islands. Whether it is directional signage, informative signage, or just labeling the number charging station, having proper signage is key. It’s even better when the signage can also act as protection like with our Bollard Sign Systems. Match your branding with Bollard Cover and signpost colors. 

Ideal Shield’s Bollard Sign Systems used for protecting and promoting Tesla charging stations

So, don’t just be an EV island in the sun. Contact Ideal Shield today to learn more about the different levels and options of EV charging station protection solutions. The knowledgeable sales team and engineering team will make sure your EV island is properly protected.