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Control Forklift Traffic with Guardrail Swing Gates

Reducing risk is a key goal for any facility maintenance manager. Keeping workers safe is the top priority and one of the best ways to do that is to properly direct the most dangerous piece of equipment in the shop: the forklifts. Forklifts cause more workplace injuries and death than any other piece of common equipment which is why it’s important to control forklift traffic and Ideal Shield’s Guardrail Swing Gates are the perfect solution to do just that. 

Ideal Shield's Guardrail Double Swing Gates

Ideal Shield’s Guardrail Double Swing Gates Closed

Ideal Shield's Guardrail Double Swing Gates Opened

Ideal Shield’s Guardrail Double Swing Gates Opened

Designed from our industry-leading Industrial Guardrail system, the Guardrail Swing Gates are available in both Standard and Heavy Duty options. The gates are built with U.S. steel pipe and sleeved in HDPE plastic, making the access gates virtually maintenance-free which means less time spent fixing and replacing, and more time being productive. Add in the newly designed Side Slide Heavy Duty Locking Pin option for security and the standard 120° opening ability, and this system can meet all of your guardrail gate needs. 

The weight and stability of the Swing Gate will allow users to use the open gates to redirect the traffic patterns throughout the facility or even at dock door loading operations, where forklifts can be the most dangerous. Buzzing around the shop with safety lights and alarms going off, loading and unloading materials, it’s not that difficult for forklift drivers to be distracted from the task at hand. That is why adding this gated guardrail system to secure safer walking paths for workers is crucial. 

Ideal Shield's Guardrail Gate with Side Slide Locking Pin

Ideal Shield’s Guardrail Gate with Side Slide Locking Pin

Versatility is a great way to describe the Guardrail Swing Gates. Whether used for worker protection and forklift traffic control or used more traditionally as temporary access area gates, our American-made guardrail systems are designed to meet your facility walkway and forklift protection needs. 

From manufacturing plants and distribution centers to cold storage facilities and food processing centers, Ideal Shield’s long line of guardrail systems has you covered. Contact our experienced sales team today to learn more about our Industrial Guardrail options and capabilities.