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Need Sign Systems? Our Bold Bases are the Best Buy

Signage is extremely important for any parking lot. It not only guides visitors to the correct locations but it also gives those visitors that sense of comfortability when navigating the lot, especially for the first time. Bold, standout signage is necessary for directional needs, designated area needs, and curbside pickup needs, as it’ll make your customer’s experience as easy as possible. 

So, let’s talk about what’s possible for your business’s sign systems. 

There are plenty of options on the market. From insanely heavy concrete sign bases and ugly D.I.Y. bucket sign systems to high quality sign systems that were specifically designed to standout in busy parking lots. That is where Ideal Shield comes in. 

Ideal Shield offers two of the most popular retail sign systems on the market: The Pyramid Sign Base and the Bollard Sign System

Pyramid Sign Base

The most sold plastic sign base system since 2020, the Pyramid Sign Base is a high quality, long lasting sign base system that is available in any color to meet your branding and aesthetic needs. Small orders and corporate roll-outs available.  

Just make sure to add the signpost to ensure a proper fit and color combination. Contact us to learn more about the options. 

Ideal Shield's Pyramid Sign Bases at Best Buy

Ideal Shield’s Pyramid Sign Bases at Best Buy

Ideal Shield's Pyramid Sign Bases at CarMax

Ideal Shield’s Pyramid Sign Bases at CarMax

Bollard Sign System 

An obvious solution for a common problem. The Bollard Sign System combines our long line of Bollard Covers with our Bollard fabrication abilities to create the perfect storefront and parking lot sign system. Permanent and aesthetically pleasing as it is also available in any color to meet your business’s needs. 

Ideal Shield Bollard Sign System at home Parking Lot

Ideal Shield Bollard Sign Systems in the At Home parking lot

Ideal Shield's Bollard Sign Systems at Taco Bell

Ideal Shield’s Bollard Sign Systems at Taco Bell

With expert service and unbeatable prices, Ideal Shield’s Sign Systems are the most popular among the country’s largest retail brands. We have everything from portable sign systems to permanent sign systems, the largest selection of American-made Bollard Covers and high quality Safety Bollards

Contact our experienced and knowledgeable sales team to learn more about the Sign System solutions for any and all retail parking lots!