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Curbside Pickup Sign Solutions: Go with the Simple Buy Over D.I.Y

D.I.Y or “Do It Yourself” has been a hot trend for quite some time. Instead of purchasing products designed for a specific purpose, some people like to try and save a little money by building it themselves. You’ll see it a lot with at-home projects or temporary needs until a better option is available. It’s admirable for most but when you’re a business looking to attract customers and maintain a level of professionalism at your facilities and properties, it doesn’t only look amateur but it can also end up being more costly in the long run due to damages and replacements. 

The latest D.I.Y fad has been during the curbside pickup craze that has been sweeping the globe while the pandemic continues on. Businesses all over are looking for ways to alert and direct their customers to the correct curbside pickup parking spots at their storefronts or parking lots. While these D.I.Y signs and sign stands may work for a minute, these makeshift sign options are far from a long-term solution. 

From ugly buckets filled of concrete or cinder blocks to plywood and balled tire bases with wooden poles and paper signs, D.I.Y sign options are ugly and unreliable.

So, instead of dealing with building your sign systems, constantly picking up fallen signs, or picking out splinters, go with the most trusted Curbside Pickup sign system on the market, Ideal Shield’s Pyramid Sign Base.  

Ideal Shield's Curbside Pickup Sign Systems compared to DIY signs

Designed to standup and standout, the Pyramid Sign Base Systems are 100% American-made and feature any color LDPE plastic pyramid-shaped base that can be filled with multiple filler options (depending on necessary weight), including water, base gel mix, sand, pea gravel, or even concrete. Along with the base, the system includes a 96″ tall 1.66 OD 14 gauge steel signpost that is sleeved in HDPE plastic of your color choice and can be custom cut down to any height. The system can also include adjustable sign brackets and wheels (as well as other accessories) to make your sign base portable for easier employee usage.

The Pyramid Sign Bases are a high quality product that can pretty much speak for itself. But one thing that may not get as much attention is Ideal Shield’s ability to exceed expectations with its rollout programs. Whether you’re a national chain looking to introduce a new curbside program with thousands of sign bases over a specific timeline or a mom and pop shop looking to upgrade the look of your storefront with a handful of signs, We’ve Got You Covered

If you’re looking for a long term solution that will standup and standout, don’t try to piece something together at a hardware store, contact the experienced and knowledgeable sales team at Ideal Shield to learn more about our curbside pickup signage solutions