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Olive Garden Kicks the Bucket, Adds New Curbside Pickup Signage

The first impression is the most important. That is with people, products, and places, which is why it is so important to always put your best foot forward and give off that proper first impression. If you’re a business owner, there isn’t a more first impression that the one that a new customer gets as they’re pulling up to and entering your business. Olive Garden recognized that as it was starting to utilize curbside pickup more and more. That is when they decided to ditch their DIY bucket signs and upgrade with Ideal Shield’s insanely popular Pyramid Sign Bases

Before: Olive Garden with bucket signs

After: Olive Garden with Ideal Shield Pyramid Sign Bases

Instead of seeing some work buckets filled with sand bags and a wooden post with a stapled on sign, your local Olive Garden is now featuring custom-colored Pyramid Sign Bases that immediately improved their storefront and curb appeal. Now, their signage stands up and stands out as it should, directing customer and delivery drivers to the designated parking spots to make their lives just a bit easier. 

Having make-shift DIY sign bases sounds like a cost-savings but that is until an accident happens. From trip hazards to tip hazards, buckets and sand bags or cylinder blocks can be dangerous to customers and are legit damage threats to vehicles. 

Don’t wait until an accident happens or customers start to complain about not seeing the designated parking spots, contact Ideal Shield today to learn about the industry’s best selling curbside pickup sign systems