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The Benefits of Adding Ideal Shield Products to Project Specifications

When planning and designing a construction project, no matter the size, it’s essential to consider every aspect that contributes to the safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal of the project. Those aspects are specified in for each project to ensure consistency and uniformity at each location around the country. There are plenty of different companies involved in a project spec sheet but there is one company that is a must-include, and that is Ideal Shield.  

Here’s why incorporating Ideal Shield products is a smart choice for any construction project: 

1. Quality and American Craftmanship 

Quality, craftmanship, and consistency is paramount in any construction project, and Ideal Shield products are designed with this priority in mind. From Bollard Covers to Handrails, these products are made in Detroit, Michigan from the highest quality, American-made materials to ensure the quality every project requires. 

Keep architects and project managers happy by spec’ing in Ideal Shield’s high quality facility safety and maintenance products, like the Safety Bollards and Industrial Guardrail

Ideal Shield's steel fabricator working on bollards

Ideal Shield’s steel fabricator working on bollards.

2. Durability and Maintenance 

Ideal Shield products are known for their durability and low maintenance requirements. Made from high-quality materials such as U.S. steel and heavy-duty plastic, these products are built to withstand any industrial setting, harsh weather conditions, and heavy usage. This longevity translates to cost savings over the life of the project as well as a consistent appearance that is desired in any project. 

Once installed, Ideal Shield products (like the best-selling Bollard Covers) continue to perform effectively without the need for constant attention, freeing up resources for other important project aspects.

Ideal Shield's Bollard Covers won't fade like the competition

Ideal Shield’s Bollard Covers won’t fade like the competitor’s. 

3. Customization and Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to functionality and durability, Ideal Shield products also contribute to the visual appeal of a project. Available in various styles, colors, and finishes, they can be customized to match the design and branding of any project. This flexibility allows architects and designers to maintain design consistency and enhance visual impact for restaurant and retail storefronts or within any project scope. 

By incorporating Ideal Shield’s products, like the Bollard Covers, Sign Systems, or Handrail, you can achieve a cohesive and attractive look without compromising on safety and durability.

Ideal Shield Blue Bollard Cover Protecting Chase ATM

Ideal Shield’s Old Blue Eyes Bollard Covers at Chase Bank 

4. Trusted Customer Service 

Ideal Shield prides itself on having the best customer service in the industry. Get immediate responses from sales representatives on any quote request, order placement, question, or concern. Our team of knowledgeable customer service and sales reps are available to make sure any order is immediately processed and any problem is resolved in a timely manner.

The team here at Ideal Shield is much more than just a “mom & pop shop”. From our shop to the office, our team is prepared to help answer any questions or resolve any issues for your project.  

Shield 25th Anniversary Photo - Photoshopped

The Ideal Shield team. 

5. Roll-Out Capabilities 

Every construction project has unique needs, including specific timelines and shipping needs to ensure the project is on track and within budget. Our team here at Ideal Shield will work with project managers to ensure the pricing works for both party’s budgets, the lead-times are appropriate, and a roll-out program is setup to meet corporate-level needs throughout the life of the project. 

Keeping the customer and contractor happy is key, and Ideal Shield makes sure to meet those needs.

Ideal Shield's Red Pyramid Sign Base Systems at Chick Fil A's Curbside Pickup

Ideal Shield’s Red Pyramid Sign Base Systems at Chick Fil A’s national curbside pickup program. 

Incorporating Ideal Shield products into your project specifications offers a multitude of benefits, from enhanced quality and craftmanship to aesthetic appeal, customer service, and roll-out capabilities. By choosing Ideal Shield products, you ensure the success and longevity of your project thanks to high-quality, low-maintenance, cost-effective products.

Ensure your next project is under budget while meeting delivery and design needs by making Ideal Shield a part of your next project and experience the difference in quality and performance. Contact our experienced sales and engineering team today to discuss your next project bid!